The Graceful Exit

A place for trusted resources,
For shared experience, And for helping you navigate divorce with grace.

The Graceful Exit is for women considering or going through divorce. Designed to be a comprehensive and trusted resource for all aspects of divorce, our goal is to educate, empower, and support women as they navigate the divorce process.

But more than that, The Graceful Exit is a place for community, for shared experience, for knowing you’re not alone, and for knowing that you’re going to make it through divorce with clarity, confidence, and grace.

navigating divorce with grace

Trying to find the right lawyer, counselor, real estate agent, or financial planner while still maintaining your household and career can be emotionally exhausting and overwhelming. The Graceful Exit helps simplify the process by providing the resources and professionals you need all in one place.

All Trusted Professionals listed are personally vetted by The Graceful Exit team through in-person interviews and first-hand experience, giving you the confidence to know you’re building the right team for your circumstance.

there is joy on the other side

Inspired by firsthand divorce experience, founder Kimberlee Hoertz  launched The Graceful Exit to create a space for women to come together and know there are others like them. It is a place to share experiences, a place to say, “I’ve been where you are now. I’ve traveled the same road. You’re going to make it through. You’re going to be ok. Here’s how.”

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