Navigating divorce with grace.

Our Mission

We are here to share our own humbling and empowering experiences, connect with compassion and assure you that you can get through this trying time without losing your family, your sanity or your life. We provide the emotional and practical tools to navigate divorce with confidence and grace. We will not let divorce dictate the past, rather, we will allow it to open the door to live your best life.

Our Values

  • Compassion:  Empathize with kindness and respect.
  • Integrity:  Speak, act and teach with honesty and truth.
  • Transparency:  Encourage with uncensored awareness and education.
  • Empowerment:  Inspire to create your best life.

Our Story

I could have never imagined my marriage would end in divorce. Nor could have imagined the sense of shame or utter lack of direction that came with the process.

And neither could I have imagined that going through the tumults of a divorce would open the door to newfound passion and purpose.

The Graceful Exit is inspired by and rooted in, my own experience with divorce. Built upon empathy and the perspectives of those who have come through the other side, our passion is to help end the stigma of divorce. Our purpose is to ease the anxiety it brings and help others through their own journey with clarity, confidence, and, especially, grace.

From the overwhelming emotions to the endless detailed paperwork to protecting family, assets, and figuring everything out — the process can often feel paralyzing, isolating, and hopeless.

We created The Graceful Exit to help you navigate all the details, demands, and deadlines of divorce. From the start of the process to the next phase of your life, we provide the resources and tools you need to build your team of professionals. To understand the process and time involved. To know what options exist. And to make those tough decisions.

But above all, we are here to elevate, empower and educate you along the way.  This is the beginning of your next chapter; an invitation to color outside the lines and create the life you want to live.