Kim’s Story

President and Founder of The Graceful Exit

by Kim Hoertz

I was born and raised in Orange County, CA and grew up in a somewhat normal household. I went off to college in San Diego and got married by 25. While married, I built my professional career while having four beautiful children. From the outside it seemed as though I had checked every box and had it all together. However, that was not the case at all.

I had felt numb for 14 years of my life and couldn’t comprehend why. I had been conditioned to stay “crazy-busy” as an armor for numbing and hoped that the truth of how I was feeling would never catch up with me. I now want to take a time-out, allow myself to welcome a very vulnerable state and bring transparency to the issues I lived through instead of hiding from them in hopes that it may provide inspiration to others.

Over the last three years I have been diagnosed with PTSD, been through intense counseling, spent over $200,000 on lawyers’ fees, dragged in and out of court defending myself. However, I now stand here stronger than I ever thought was possible. All of that time and monetary possessions have been stripped away from me, however none of this matters. The choke hold my past had on me has been torn away. I have now been given a second chance of life. A life driven with purpose, with passion and authenticity. I have now found my purpose.

My journey is not one that I wish upon my worst enemy, nor could one that I ever imagined would happen to me. I was raised with a very faith based upbringing with values and morals, I am a very educated professional and simply lived my life for others. However, I am hopeful that by sharing my story I may be able to empower, educate and encourage anyone who wishes to make a GRACEFUL EXIT out of anything in their life that is holding them back from feeling happiness and joy. This life is too short not to be able to actually live and feel what we have been given or built.

I have not only lived first hand through the trenches of a divorce while trying to raise innocent children, however I also kept a very successful career. I am CPA and also have been a Realtor for the two decades. My business background coupled with first-hand experience through divorce has led me to found this business and passion to help other women.

This business was built out of the pillars that I had to live without up for so long and now I finally have the strength to write my story again and live my life educating, empowering and encouraging others. Rooted with integrity. Building trust. Fostering transparency. Inspiring independence. Owning your truth. A more educated generation…through our voices.

My why? I wanted to find the strength to begin living out my own truth and share my story in hopes that it will inspire the next generation. Inspire the girls that walk after me in life to live out their authentic truth and find their own unique strength within. My hope is no one has to live in shame, guilt or fear. We need to normalize the conversation and speak with transparency.