7 Steps of Forgiveness

woman giving and seeking forgiveness

by Kim Johnson

7 Steps to Extending Forgiveness

  1.  Determine exactly what happened and validate your feelings
  2.  Acknowledge how the hurt has wounded you
  3.  Accept that you cannot change what happened
  4.  Realize, however, that you can move on from the situation
  5.  Understand what forgiveness is and what it is not
  6.  Commit to praying for the willingness to forgive
  7.  Begin the process of letting go of the pain/forgiveness

7 A’s in Seeking Forgiveness 

  1.  Address everyone in the situation (whether it is one person or more)
  2.  Avoid saying “if only,” “if you,” “but,” (no excuses)
  3.  Admit specifics
  4.  Acknowledge the impact of your actions
  5.  Accept the consequences
  6.  Alter your behavior going forward
  7.  Ask – say the words and ask forgiveness

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