What kind of Divorce are you Planning?

By Bart J. Carey, Esq

Collaborative Divorce

What if you could plan your Divorce just like you planned your wedding? You can when you Collaborate.

Family Centered

Imagine a divorce process centered on your own and your family’s wants, needs and goals. A process where you hire professionals to realize your vision of the future. Professionals who give you back control of your decisions, finances and time. 

And you would never have to go to court. That’s what Collaborative Divorce and Mediation is. 

We have observed that few couples facing divorce ever tell us they argued about different interpretations of the law. Nor do they tell us, when they married and planned their families, they consulted the California Family Code. So why do so many choose to allow the law and the Family Code dictate their divorce? We suspect no one ever gave them their options. 

3 overlapping domains in divorce

Every Divorce has three overlapping domains. The legal, the emotional, and the financial considerations. 

What if you were able to get the legal assistance you need – advice, counsel and document preparation – by the legal professionals who will not act as adversaries, will not go to court to fight, but will commit to assist you realizing your own vision of the future and resolve the divorce on your terms. 

What if the family’s future co-parenting planning, communications and related matters were decided, not by a Judge or by adversarial attorneys, but by you assisted by the advice and counsel of licensed counselors? Professionals not engaged to do therapy [you may have a therapist already] but to educate and equip you with tools to better communicate, cooperate and create a family future with the children in the center – not the middle- of all you family decisions?

What if the required and necessary financial information gathered, analyzed and reported by licensed financial professionals who can educate and assist to create your new, post-divorce estate, budgets and help ensure that everyone in the family has their needs met?

What if they worked directly with you – no middlemen – based on what you identify as most important to you and your family’s future prospects. You get the right professional doing the right work at the right price. 

The decisions are yours

In Collaborative Divorce and Mediation at the FamilyPeacemaker, the decisions are yours and, with the proper professional advice and counsel, you will make the best choices available to create a peaceful, fair and successful post-divorce family. 

What if all this cost 30% of what your court divorce would cost? 

 Learn about your options. Carefully consider all your options. Choice of process will determine the length of your divorce process, the cost of your divorce process and the quality and durability of your divorce outcomes.

For assistance with your divorce process options and other family law questions, contact us at Family Peacemaker for a free one-hour consultation.  Family Peacemaker provides mediation and collaborative family law services in Orange County and the surrounding areas.  

This article is not legal advice. It is general information. You should not rely on it regarding your specific situation. Please seek individual consultation if you have questions about your situation.

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