The OCFJC Foundation provides empowerment and prevention resources to victims and families whose lives have been impacted by family violence. Our long-term goal is to empower survivors of family violence to lead sustainable and violence-free lives.

Unfortunately, demand for our services continues spiraling up. Increasing numbers of women, children and elderly adults are at-risk of becoming victims of family violence, often at the hands of people who were themselves victims of violence.

Our programs are supported by our generous Justice Circle members and other committed sponsors and private foundations.

The OCFJC Foundation supports two programs: Empowerment & Violence Prevention Programs and Direct Victim Assistance.

All of our programs are taught at the OCFJC, as well as at community centers, schools, apartment complexes and a variety of additional locations throughout Orange County. The OCFJC and Foundation is built on the premise that we are stronger together. As such, we continue to collaborate with key community organizations to deliver the most effective and strategically placed programs possible.