Sacred Innocence International

Category: Abuse Available Nationwide

At Sacred Innocence, we wanted to create a solution as big as the problem and we realized there was a gap between an adult victim of sexual abuse and the help needed for the healing process. Not everyone can afford the costs of individual therapy. The timeline of the healing journey is different for everyone, but is normally not a fast process and healing cannot be completed in just a few meetings. Our program, HEAL, is available in several formats: book, audible, peer-to-peer or advocate lead support groups through secure web(live) conferences, call-in support groups, and in-person support groups that can be set up as chapters. The HEAL program provides tools and education for the survivors to protect themselves and their children. We wanted to create groups that people in the most remote areas could access. Our secure web(live) conferences allow a victim of sexual abuse to sign-in at their home or a private setting and meet weekly for 14 weeks.

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