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Hello there! I’m Lauren Fair.

Divorce or family separation is a highly emotional, life-changing event.  As a certified life and divorce coach with an extensive background in family law litigation and mediation, I coach people through divorce and rebuilding who want to handle the legal process and life transition mindfully, confidently, strategically, and efficiently. I help my clients navigate these all-consuming and uncertain times with non-judgmental support and savvy expertise so they can move boldly forward to healing and living aligned, peaceful, happy lives in their next chapter.

I have been a divorce attorney for the past 13 years, running a highly successful boutique family law firm in Southern California. In addition to being a legal expert on divorce, I went through my own devastating divorce and re-built a life I love. Wherever you are on your divorce journey, I have either been there myself or helped clients who have been there.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career as a lawyer has been seeing the change in my clients from when I start working with them, oftentimes at the beginning of their family separation, to their life post-divorce. Many of them have remarked how grateful they were to have me by their side through the isolating, winding, and often-complicated and confusing divorce process.

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Because I’ve been in your shoes, I know how important it is to have someone you can count on and trust! I offer private, one-on-one personal coaching to a limited number of people each year for 6 months at a time. My 6-month coaching package includes 1:1 weekly coaching sessions and are highly customized to each client’s needs. Sessions occur remotely so I may support people around the world.

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Client Love: “When my divorce finally ended, I didn’t know where to go from there.  I heard about Lauren from a friend and reached out to her for help because I felt like I needed someone who understood where I was at in my life and help figuring out my next step.  With her support and guidance, I have been working on moving past the emotional baggage from my divorce as well as starting my own business.  Working with Lauren has been fun, helpful, and provided me so much insight into why I was getting stuck on my own.  Her knowledge and experience not only with the aftermath of divorce but also with managing a law firm as a business have made her an invaluable resource to me on both a personal and business development level.  She really helps me find the answers within myself to find the best solutions for me and my business.  It’s comfortable and reassuring to talk to her each week and she helps me stay focused.  I wish I had found Lauren earlier in my divorce!” Learn More about Lauren’s services