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All About Tracy Coenen & The Divorce Money Guide

Tracy Coenen is a renowned forensic accountant and the brains behind The Divorce Money Guide. As a woman in an industry once dominated by men, Tracy has worked tirelessly to rise to the top as the one of the most sought-after forensic accountants working in the divorce space.

She has been interviewed by numerous media outlets and publications as an expert on finding hidden money: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few.

Tracy’s passion lies in helping those who feel powerless in their financial situation. By following her carefully laid out steps, people in the process of divorce go from uninformed and overwhelmed to feeling in control of their finances.

As Tracy says, “We are nothing without a plan,” so a plan is exactly what she focuses on.

A plan that will arm you with information and enable your attorney to best represent you and your family’s financial needs.

The Divorce Money Guide gives its users simple action steps, with a dose of levity and emotional support.

It’s designed to help you feel less alone in the isolating process of divorce, with a plan for how you’re going to uncover the facts, resolve the conflict, and move forward.

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Has He Hidden Money or Assets…

Maybe you think so, or know so in your gut, but you’re not sure how to prove it yet.

It’s not uncommon for a spouse to hide assets or misrepresent their income. Spouses have also claimed inflated expenses to keep more of the money.

If you’re concerned that your spouse may be hiding money or assets, you’re likely correct. This happens all the time and can’t be trusted. Learn More