Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
Wealth Psychology Expert, Author & Coach

Inspiring women, the next generation, and financial professionals
to break their money silence and live richer, more satisfying lives.

Almost half of Americans would rather discuss death, religion, or politics than finances. This money talk taboo, also known as money silence, hurts all of us. It is a key contributor to the gender wage gap, marital conflict, low financial literacy rates, and families failing to pass down their wealth to the next generation.

The good news is you can change your relationship with money and learn to engage in open and honest financial dialogues. And I want to be your guide.

I work with women in business, financial professionals, and organizations, and my ultimate goal is to start a Breaking Money Silence® revolution! Why? Because I believe if each of us dared to have more financial conversations at home and at work, the money talk taboo would end.

Don’t let money silence hurt you, your clients, or your business. You can learn to shift sabotaging money beliefs, conquer fears about negotiating, and master the art of facilitating inclusive generational wealth conversations. Contact Kathleen Burns Kingsbury today. My team is ready to help!

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