Taking a Unique Approach on Marital Separation, this New Resource – Owned and Operated by an Accomplished Career Woman – is the First of its Kind

YORBA LINDA, CALIF. – March 8, 2021 – The Graceful Exit™, a comprehensive, trusted source for all aspects of divorce, today announced the official launch of its website https://www.thegracefulexit.com/ – on International Women’s Day.

For the first time, this new site was designed to break all the rumors surrounding the shame, fear and guilt of divorce while featuring easy access to professional resources, tools, and curated content to help women from the start of the divorce process to the next phase of their lives within a streamlined, modern design.

The Graceful Exit’s comprehensive website educates, empowers and supports women as they consider or navigate divorce. It’s also a place for community, shared experiences so that visitors to the site know they’re not alone and that they can make it through with clarity, confidence and grace. Inspired by rooted firsthand experience, the founder created this platform as a space for women to come together and support one another due to the tremendous sense of isolation during divorce; a network they can turn to for support and guidance.

“International Women’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to unveil The Graceful Exit. Even with an astounding divorce rate of 72% in Orange County, CA alone, there was not one single platform out there that connects divorce professionals and resources together in one place for the consumer. As busy professionals ourselves, not having a hub to find all the information we needed was a tremendous challenge, and so The Graceful Exit was born,” said President and Founder Kimberlee Hoertz. “Something needed to be done to normalize the conversation and stop the embarrassment and shame about what women have to encounter. We will be sharing our own stories alongside other women who have experienced the pain and suffering of divorce, but now feel the sense of empowerment and joy on the other side, to show ways women can make a graceful exit while opening doors to the next chapter.”

With a goal to help simplify an overwhelming process, the site has already identified what questions to ask, explored what options exist and estimated the time involved. This thoughtful vetted approach helps women have the trust to proceed in a way that is healthy and in the best interest of their family. All professionals listed are hand selected based on the founder’s connections and are personally vetted by The Graceful Exit team to help provide a solid foundation for women during these overwhelming times. Through curated content on a wide range of topics and listings that meet the full spectrum of needs, The Graceful Exit serves as a centralized hub that women can come to at every stage of their divorce journey. Vendor highlights will include self-care tips, divorce support, life coaches, communication apps, podcasts, marriage counseling, parenting tools, legal coaching as well as health & wellness guides.

Divorce is not always a graceful process. It can be fraught with stress, tension, and anxiety. Inspired by my experiences and a desire to improve the process for others affected, The Graceful Exit was developed to help women navigate all the details, demands and deadlines of divorce. By providing a suite of both practical and emotional resources, our site handles much of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Having the peace of mind that you are covering all the bases and are not alone helps to reduce stress and sleep loss, thereby improving confidence and self-esteem. We want to be that reminder to take care of yourself during what can be a tumultuous process and we hope our journey will help others find stability in the midst of chaos.

Currently, The Graceful Exit services Orange County, CA however the site will be available to the Los Angeles, Inland Empire and San Diego regions later in the year. The company’s future business plan also includes launching a site for men navigating divorce, children affected by divorce and finally, a site uniting both men and women post-divorce.



The Graceful Exit is an online platform for women considering or going through divorce inspired by personal experience. Founder Kimberlee Hoertz launched the platform with a mission to not only educate but also empower and support women as they navigate the process. There are others who have travelled the same road and they too will make it through with clarity, confidence and grace.