Having practiced family law in Orange County for over 30 years, I have observed first-hand the tremendous expense and devastation caused by litigation. I believe that going to court is seldom the best option for the client.

In collaborative practice or mediation, an attorney is there to advise the client and ensure that their rights are being protected. I believe this process of resolving the issues in a divorce in an amicable manner is quicker, less costly, protects both parties, and is emotionally healthier for the parties, especially when children are involved.

There is so much devastation caused by divorce in the traditional manner, and with collaborative practice or mediation, people are not forced into polarized positions as they are in litigation, thereby alleviating much of the anger and frustration associated with this difficult time. Often in a court proceeding, a client feels as if something has been “done to them.” In collaboration or mediation, each client becomes a part of the resolution process, giving both parties more control over their future.

Collaboration and mediation can help restore the balance of power and be a part of the healing process, and I am thankful that this option is now available to people who are faced with divorce.

From all research, couples who have been through a non adversarial divorce are happier with the outcome than couples who go through adversarial divorce. Either type of non adversarial divorce saves money and saves on the emotional strain and pain that is caused by litigation.



University of California at Berkeley, BA

University of California at Irvine, Teaching Credential Chapman University, MA in Education

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