The Law Office of Lauren Mullee is a place of exciting growth and forward movement toward positive new beginnings. Located in Irvine, we provide success-oriented legal services for women going through divorce, as well as parentage/paternity cases. Additionally, a unique, stand-out specialty area where Lauren’s expertise is unmatched is in non-marital cohabitation cases or palimony cases. These complex matters are sometimes referred to as Marvin Actions.  For detailed information on whether you may have an actionable non-marital cohabitation case, please visit Lauren’s website at

Lauren is open to traveling with you on your journey in whatever way best suits you. Traditional representation with Lauren provides you with courtroom professional who is both fierce and ethical. Taking the consultation route can give you an attorney “in your back pocket” where cost savings are key, and you may not want your to-be ex spouse to know you have retained counsel. Lauren’s mediation success rate is unparalleled as well, as Lauren guides couples through the mediation process with compassion and professionalism.

A service that we are particularly proud of is “Divorce Coaching”. Lauren offers women considering separation from a marital or non-marital partner “Divorce Coaching” to educate about the realities of the process from a legal and financial perspective. This is a wonderful compliment to marital or individual counseling, and can involve other concerned family members if desired.


With a proven track record of success both in the courtroom, and at the negotiating table, let Lauren and her team be your strength when you need it, and your cheerleaders from start to finish.

Lauren Mullee

Founding Attorney, Certified Family Law Specialist
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