Let me begin with WHY instead of WHAT. “I believe that I am able to make the financial lives of my clients better.”

Jon LaVine is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a certificate as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and in mediation, and is also a financial coach. Remaining true to his core values, Jon is dedicated to protecting, guiding, and building strong relationships. Jon is driven to understand his client’s short term needs and long-term goals. A CDFA provides the financial and accounting expertise, along with the insights and analysis necessary within the divorce process in order for the client to secure a rewarding outcome. Crafting a divorce financial strategy involves an in-depth analysis of cash flow needs to support current and post-divorce lifestyles, the division of assets, tax strategies, and the impact of other important financial matters.

I first help by understanding the clients’ issues and concerns; then I prioritize the services accordingly. I am proactive in judging the status of issues and the actions that need to be made. I discuss the goals and objectives that the client wants to reach, while trying to understand the client in more depth. Every person hears and understands things differently, so it is important I understand the clients’ pressure points. At certain times it may seem the client is not making the correct decision, but that decision may be the correct decision in their mind. If this is the case, I will point out the pros and cons to help them. I work with clients as an advocate or financial neutral who assists both parties through the divorce process. I am dedicated to protect clients and the lives that they have worked diligently to build by providing sound, ethical finance/accounting counsel and services.

My differentiation factors are the years of experience (in excess of 40 years) I have in dealing with structuring financial conflict and tax matters. The combination of my education as a CPA, CDFA, mediator, and a financial coach allow me to consult with a client on a full range of matters. The financial and tax matters are my areas of expertise. I am also proactive in recognizing potential problems and trying to diffuse them or seek an answer before a serious problem occurs.


Whether a divorce ends up being cooperative or adversarial in nature, enlisting the counsel of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is important. Why? Because no matter how cooperative a divorce may appear to be, being prepared with a comprehensive view of your finances and options is just good business and makes for better future financial decisions. Anything less is highly risky. I encourage clients to seek assistance at the outset of the divorce, in order to build a real picture of their financial issues, so we can proceed in a more orderly fashion. While divorce attorneys are legal experts who represent their client in divorce legal matters, a CDFA is a finance and accounting professional who deals with financial aspects of the divorce including taxes, asset allocation, and cash flow.

Jon LaVine, CPA, CDFA

LaVine & Associates CPAs, Inc. Laguna Hills Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®