With over 16 years in the financial services industry, Christine helps individuals and families plan for the future, manage debt, navigate through estate settlement, financial planning, insurance analysis, provide optimal investment management through appropriate asset allocation and more.

Christine enjoys working with people because she can understand and empathize with them. If someone is experiencing a financial issue, she may have experienced it herself or worked with someone who has. She looks at financial situations as puzzles and likes to think creatively when solving the puzzle. The best part of Christine’s day is when someone tells her that she has helped them feel understood and comfortable and that they feel better about their course of action.


There’s no sugar coating it. Divorce can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. Although you may feel confused and anxious, the reality is your world is simply changing. Providing objective and unbiased advice is central to Christine’s financial planning process. She will explore a wide range of options before recommending solutions to clients.

Christine Turner

Financial Planner
Continuum Consulting Group Irvine CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™