As Principal of AHAVA Law, Sheila-Marie works directly with women to understand their goals and wishes, educate them on their options, and develop strategic solutions to meet their needs. She helps clients understand the important relationship between family law and estate law, and how estate planning impacts family law matters, because no two estate plans, administrations, or probate proceedings are the same. Women benefit from Sheila-Marie’s services because they love someone. She honors that love and treats each client as the important individual that they are, and not just a number on the bottom line.


As one of few California State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Estates, Trusts, and Probate Law, Sheila-Marie can address all matters involving life, incapacity, and death from planning through administration.

Ahava Law focuses on Mischpah (Family), Ahava (Love) and Mitzvot (Good Deeds). It is important to engage in Tzedakah (justice). We work to make the world a better place by supporting those who support our country and community.

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Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, Esq.

California Board Certified Legal Specialist in Estates, Trusts, & Probate Law Veterans Affairs Accredited Attorney
AHAVA Law, P.C. Newport Beach Estate Planning Attorneys
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