Dorothy Haraminac created YBR to assist individuals and organizations in times of financial crisis. YBR stands for Yellow Brick Road and signifies the need for a clear path forward when navigating matrimonial disputes, complex commercial disputes, or occupational fraud investigations.

Dorothy specializes in financial forensics (also known in some states as forensic accounting) – an investigative field combining detailed planning, robust analysis, and comprehensive reporting that results in calculations of value for damages, assets, or businesses. In addition, Dorothy is one of the first financial experts to testify in court on bitcoin asset and cryptocurrency tracing and has assisted in the transfer of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency between divorcing parties.

Furthering YBR’s mission, Dorothy also volunteers her time to share her knowledge and expertise training other experts, attorneys, and law enforcement on cryptocurrency, blockchain, cybercrime, and associated value calculations. She has been recognized as Speaker of the Year (Houston ACFE, 2019) and as a 40 Under 40 Honoree (NACVA, 2019) and serves on the Science and Engineering Advisory Board for Houston Baptist University and the Litigation Forensics Board for NACVA.


Dorothy is committed to providing services to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. A client navigating divorce requires more than simple asset tracing and property division, she also requires informed opinions on future financial considerations and a financial expert who can help her traverse complex financial concepts, a need emphasized in matters where cryptocurrency is involved.

Dorothy also supports the Collaborative Divorce process as a financial neutral – a process focused on the holistic approach to reaching a matrimonial resolution suitable to all parties’ needs.

Dorothy Haraminac

YBR Consulting Services Forensic Accountants
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