Our group has over twenty years’ experience in real estate sales, property management, mortgage and finance.
We possess a deep understanding of all elements necessary to help our clients feel safe, secure and supported while they re-create their lives and those of their children.

We work in Coastal Orange County and offer assistance in selling or buying a home, as well as property management.
We are a unique organization. We are patient, kind and know the process ensuring the fewest bumps on the road.


When my children were two and a half and ten months old my son developed an almost fatal illness. His father and I then divorced. His attorney made me responsible for covering all costs for the children, threatened me with spousal support, along with a restraining order stopping me from requiring him to pay his own insurance.

We made it to the other side. I found myself again and re-created my life. My children are grown, healthy, love their father, in spite of my less than perfect behavior. Time does heal all.

Kathy Clark

Broker Associate
Harcourts Prime Properties Dana Point Real Estate Professionals