Emily Scott describes her role as a financial guide, navigator and thought partner. She started Emily Scott AND to fill the void that she so often observed. No one discusses their money story or equates their emotional reaction to money and spending. She set out to merge the technical side of money with the human side of money, especially during a life transition.

She works with women to understand how their unique money stories impact every financial decision in their lives. With no assets under management, her skin in the game is for clients to gain clarity and peace of mind as it relates to their wealth. By collaborating with the professionals in their lives – wealth advisors, accountants, attorneys, financial planners –her clients identify and align their vision with strategies to advance their goals.

Emily Scott guides clients in gaining tools to craft a profound story about who they are, aligning their deepest core values with their financial goals. Her clients build a resilient foundation that includes greater insight into their hearts, expanding clarity and comfort around their legacy plans, financial conversations, spending, and philanthropy.

BA Simmons College
MBA Cornell University
Financial Transitionist Professional
The Philanthropy Workshop Alumna


Divorce is an emotional death and while you are in the height of the grieving process you are required to make financial decisions. Emily understands that heightened sense of anxiety, fear, and anger that can occur during the transitional period in your life. This may be the first time you need to assume the financial management role for your personal or family’s finances.

By demystifying financial prioritization and discussing the emotional side of money, Emily helps her clients become a more astute and engaged manager of their financial picture.

Emily Scott

Financial Guide, Navigator, & Thought Partner
Emily Scott AND San Francisco Wealth Management
positivity for you... My primary mission is to help individuals and families fully align aspects of their financial journey with their life’s purpose and values leading to a life of clarity, freedom, and joy.