Healing After Abuse


Sacred Innocence International empowers victims of sexual abuse to overcome their past, stop the abuse from continuing, and tap into their potential.

  • Resources on How to Prevent Violence – Chronic drug and alcohol abuse may lead to diminished performance at work and school and impacts our ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. It can also contribute to a dramatic decline in mental and physical health. However, one of the most overlooked risks surrounding long-term drug and alcohol abuse lies in its potential to give rise to angry, irrational, and potentially violent behavior in some individuals who struggle with the issue.
  • What Is Trauma Bonding? – A comprehensive guide to understanding trauma bonding.
  • What Did You Do for Yourself After Leaving? – Survivors share how they rebuilt their self-esteem after abuse.

  • Common types of abuse – Understanding common types of abuse will better prepare you to identify them when you see them; experiencing even one or two of these warning signs may be a red flag that abuse is present in your own relationship.
  • Sacred Innocence - There is Life After Abuse – Survivor Empowerment Stories
  • Welcome Video – Wendy M. Johnson, President and Founder, welcomes you to Sacred Innocence International
  • Sacred Innocence International – Visit the Sacred Innocence International website, and learn about the HEAL program
  • HEAL Support Group – Learn about HEAL support groups and request to join today
  • HEAL

    HEAL was created to help all victims of sexual abuse, female or male. Whether you experienced sexual abuse from a family member (father, mother, stepparent, uncle, cousin, sibling, grandfather, etc.), a trusted adult (friend, coach, teacher, neighbor, babysitter, etc.), marital rape, sex trafficking, sex worker or any other form of sexual abuse, you can benefit from this program. No matter where or how you were sexually abused, HEAL can help. You may have trust issues, relationship issues, and intimacy issues. You may struggle with depression, shame, guilt, or self-destructive behaviors. No matter what you have been through, HEAL was designed for you to move to a better place in your life.

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    Lauren Johnson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She recently graduated in Political Science with a Global Development emphasis from Brigham Young University. She has had considerable training in the areas of Venture Capital Investment, start-ups, public speaking and humanitarian outreach. As Co-Founder, Lauren helps drive all aspects of organizational performance. She is responsible for directing philanthropic and volunteer operations as well as partner relations.

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